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To our valued stakeholders

Siyakha has been involved in B-BBEE and development for more than 25 years and, wherever possible, it has prioritised partnering with social enterprises and civil society to support your goals of making South Africa a better place.

This is done by ensuring that we play a proactive role in introducing companies who have budgets for development, to entities who are doing their part in the heart of South Africa to address poverty alleviation, health, unemployment, and the other myriad of issues that are so important to us.

We have taken the lead in establishing the Siyakha Impact Trust, formed specifically to support Donors and Contributors to CSI, CSR, or Socio-Economic Development activities.

The Siyakha Impact Trust will connect you to potential funders, and will support funders by providing a verified list of potential projects, NGOs, NPO, or others, to contribute to; and, once the contribution is made, ensuring that we provide impact reports and full traceability.

This means, it is essential for you to complete your details, and ensure that the information we have is updated regularly, and is complete, so we can ensure that we have your details on file. Also please confirm that you authorize us to release details of your organisation to potential funders. If you have any queries, please email us at

Furthermore, by completing these details, you will form part of our developmental ecosystem which includes more than 5000 SMMEs, and have free access to yowza!©. It is our online platform that allows members to have access to learning, forms, online coaches, development, webinars, and all the other tools that are useful for small organisations to operate.

By supplying your information, you provide consent for processing in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).