With 25 years of experience in social and economic development programs, we have influenced or managed, millions of rands in development investment. Our teams have worked in some of the most remote and complex projects relating to water management, mine closure, community development, poverty alleviation, health and hygiene, renewables, localization, sustainability, education, and many other areas.

The Siyakha structure includes an investment management team, an experienced consulting team, and development consultants who work on the ground in townships, mining communities, and broader South Africa, to effect change, stability, and growth.

We are in a position to understand the development and the investment mandate, which allows us a unique perspective on impact, social stability, and project funding.

The Siyakha Impact Trust focuses on selection, governance, and traceability for investment into Social Enterprises, Programmes for Health, Environmental Imperatives, Youth Development, Job Creation, Education, Poverty Alleviation, and the myriad other socio-economic issues that plague today’s society.

Projects aimed at providing for social good are the focus of the Trust, with specific emphasis on projects that do not exacerbate dependence, but rather, are built on the premise of empowering the participants to be self-sufficient.

Whilst family trusts, local and international donor funds, corporate companies, individuals and other organisations wish to play an active role in contributions to address the social dilemma, the need to ensure that money reaches the intended beneficiaries is key to long-term success. Traditionally it is understood that funding of this nature, has often not achieved the desired outcome because it fills a gap, as opposed to, enabling or empowering communities, and the Siyakha Impact Trust has been formed.

Our granular understanding of the work that goes into delivery, as well as our consulting and advisory capability, added to our investment teams’ understanding of the importance of impact investment, puts us in a perfect position to support organisations who need to, and wish to, invest in social stability and development, in a way that achieves empowerment, not dependence, and ultimately reaches the intended participants, with maximum impact.


Have an existing database of charities, NGOs, NPOs, Social enterprises, and other entities who have approached us, over the years, seeking investment, support, or development.

The SIT CRM captures all of the required information accurately, for us to ensure that we have organizations that have strong governance, and we are able to source information by geography, discipline, or by the outcome.

Our role includes proactively ensuring that this information is up to date, and added continuously Public benefit entities’ information will include a POPIA authorization so that we can capture information by size, capacity, outcome, as well as the aforementioned geography, and classification (i.e. health, education, employment, etc).

Funders can fund projects directly OR can fund the SIT, which, in turn, will disburse funds according to a clear mandate to ensure that disbursement is well-managed. In that instance, we will receive a request from a funder for an investment. We will source, screen, and shortlist suitable applicants. On award of funding, we will then provide the assurance services to the funder to track funds, impact, and outcome of the investment initiative.

The SIT services will be perfected in South Africa and grown in Africa. The role will include research and publication of trends, traceability statistics, and information in our Africa newsletter, on social media, and through leveraging our relationships, focusing on all international donor funding to act as a meaningful conduit to achieving the highest impact. We will provide a return on investment report to track the results of the investment.